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Land Light Foundation


Land Light Foundation supports the earthwork Star Axis. 

The Land Light Foundation is committed to supporting Star Axis, an architectonic earth/star sculpture. Star Axis is currently under construction on the eastern plains in New Mexico. 

Created by artist Charles Ross, all of Star Axis’ shapes and angles are determined by

earth-to-star alignments. They are built into the sculpture so that we can experience them in human scale. Star Axis offers an intimate experience of how the earth's environment extends into the space of the stars.

Star Axis is scheduled to open in 2025.

Land Light Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on a variety of funding sources to complete Star Axis. The Land Light Foundation deeply appreciates the loyalty and enthusiasm of its supporters.

For more information please visit the Star Axis site.

Land Light Foundation | 69 Wooster Street, #7 | New York, NY 10012



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FOUNDERS 50,000+ 

Virginia Dwan

Gale Family Foundation

M. Louise Heydt, Cassidy C. Harrison, Elizabeth Rohrbach, Alan Rohrbach

    William H. & Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation

Loïc Malle

Cynthia Madden Leitner and 

    The Museum of Outdoor Arts

Dee Ann McIntyre

Kathleen and Gerald Peters and the

     Peters Family Art Foundation

Charles Ross

Someland Foundation           

Eugene V. & Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust 

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts


Quarrier B. Cook                  

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation        

Sandra Payson


STAR TUNNEL STAIRS (acquired 1985-2015)

David W. Bermant Foundation           

George A. Cowan

Culbertson Family

Candace Dwan

Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gilbert

Ray and Barbara Graham

Joe and Caral Lebworth

Robert and Margot Linton

Vaughn and Peggy Morgan

Michael and Barbara Ogg

Nancy Folger and Pamela Peabody

Gifford and Joann Phillips

John and Robin Rubel

James and Sarah Taylor

Anonymous  (2)

PATRONS $6000-$24,000 

Allan Affeldt

Marleen De Bode and Marc Olivier

Becky and Gil Kerlin

Jarl and Pamela Mohn 

Museum of New Mexico Foundation

William Ross


Baldridge Foundation

Mary Barone and Neil Manson

Suzanne Bartolucci

Lorraine Barret

Judith and Sam Berger

Christian Bernard

Maria Bernheim

Shirley Buel

David M. Bulfer and Kelly G. Pope

David Chickey

Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation, Inc.

Maurice Destouet

Michael and Katherine Dolan

Kaywin Feldman and Jim Lutz

Anne and Willie François

Lauri Freedman

Matthias Haldemann

Jaqueline Hoefer

Mr. and Mrs. H. Earl Hoover, II

Elizabeth and Francis Hunnewell

Jenny and Rob Kimball

Ellen King

Maria King and Barry King Jr.

Meg and John Loehr

Deborah Lovely

Agnes Martin

James and Dana Pope Manning

Craig Martinez

Niko and Steve Mayer

Pamela and Don Michaelis

Alicia and William A. Miller Foundation

Mara Mills

Paul and Mary Ellen Mundy

Museum of Contemporary Art- 

      The Geffen Contemporary

MoMA Contemporary Arts Council

Lindsey Nelson

New Mexico School for the Arts

Susan O’Reilly

Brigitte Petre

Daniel Racz

Singleton Rankin

Frances Rehwald

Elizabeth Romero

Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent

Diane Rudy

Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz

William Siegal

Kurt and Cheryl Sommer

Morris Smart and Liz Kerrigan 

Jane Sprague

James and Cynthia Tuite

Steadman and Peggy Upham

Nancy McElroy Folger and Sidney Werkman

Toni and Leshek Zavistovski


Barbara Berg

Eleanor Brenner

Richard Buckley 

Brad and Leslie Burnside

Dennis and Sharon Clements  

Bill Culbertson

Tina Fredricks

Ted and Barbara Flicker

Phil and Amy Geier  

Jean-Louis Gonfard

Joanne Grillo

Pat Hall

Irene Hoffman

Gary and Cheryl Holwick

Francis and Elizabeth Hunnewell

Laura and Maurice Jones

Elaine A. King

Werner Kramarsky

Bud Krause

Niko and Steve Mayer

Constantin Pârvulescu

Anne Pedersen and Mark Donatelli

Mai-Thu Peret

Virginia Perez-Ratton

Sarah C. and Norman T. Reynolds

Brady Roberts

Rolf Sinclair and Sarah Richards

Judith and Timothy Ritchie

Alan Rudy

Itsuo Sakane

SITE Santa Fe

Astrid Sykes

Lorlee and Arnold Tenenbaum

Amanda Tucker

John and Iris Vazquez

Lisa Waud

Barbara and Alan Weeden

Dian Woodner

Yumi Yoshida and Mari Fugisawa


David Abbey

Jerry Adelmann

Laura and Jon Addison

Raffi Andonian

Hope Aldrich

Patricia Antonicelli

Thomas Appelquist

Loretta Armer

Christine Aylward

Kiyomi and Edward Baird

Avie and Steve Bardwell

Dorothy and Richard Barrett

Polly and John Barton

Armand Bartos

Clayton and Hester Bass

Amelie Bellanger

Robert and Sharon Berkelo

Raye Bemis

Marsha Berger and P. Kevin Silson

Kelley Bergmann

Denise Betesh and Ken Terry

Gay Block

Gary Bodman

Christine Bootes

Gail Borden

Richard and Barbara Boxer

John Boyce

Stuart Brand

Marissa Braun

Ruth Braunstein

Mary and Curtis Brennen

Dorothy Brittingham

Ian Broomfield

Emily J. Brudenell                               

Carnegie Mellon University

Sharon Bartel-Clements and

    Dennis Clements

Robert E. Cole and Elizabeth Baron-Cole

John Cinosky and Alicia Cuccolo

Contemporary Art Society,


Robert E. and Elizabeth Baron-Cole

Pete Cowdin

Maria Cox

James Cunningham

Christopher Curtin

Frances Dalessio

Topher Delaney

Jim Dexheimer

Jon Dick

Nancy Dickenson

Sidra Durst

Carolyn Eason

Kristin Engelbrecht

Louis, Doris, and Francis Erhard

Melinda and Bernard Ewell

Fabrice Flahutez

Barbara and Ted Flicker

Nina Foster 

Samuel Frank                                

Fred Freund

Lisa Freeman

Randall S. Friedman                        

Dr. Murray Gell-Mann

Caroline and John Goldsmith

John Gordon           

Matthew Goudeau

John Gray

Dolly Gray-Bussard

Samuel Adams Green                        

Diane and Werner Grob

Carl E. and Renee C. Gutman

Guggenheim Museum, 

    Contemporary Arts Council

Bettye Hansen

Peggy Heineman

Highlands University

Deon Hilger

Lyda Hill

Susan Hiller and David Coxhead


Madelon Hooykaas

Claudia and James Horn

George Hughes 

Elizabeth Hulings          

Charlene and Charles Hyle

Joyce Idema           

Claudia Jessup and Jonathan Richards

Kristin Jones

Steve Jones

Zuzanna Karczewska and Barry Newton

Geoffrey Kalmus

Melissa Kauth

Joseph Karnes

Liz Keim

Elizabeth and Robert King

Mark Knutson

James Kornder

Maureen Korp

Thomas and Elenor Kovachevich

Nancy Kozikowski and John Cacciatore

Andreas Krieger

Kunsthaus Zug

Jeffrey and Florence Laird

Mallette Lamy

Ray Landy

James Lee

Michael Irwin Lescander and Robin Merlo

Lucy Lippard

Madeline Gehrig Lister                        

Kerry Loewen and Amber MacLean

Thomas M. Lopez

Catherine Lord

Scott Ludwig

Dayton Lummis

Susan Lynds

David Macintosh

Judith Machen

Lynne Maphies

Sandra McGarraugh

Robert McLeod and Kirby Kendrick        

LA MoCA Travel Program

Marguarite McClure       

Balene McCormick

Pam McFarland

Sloane McFarland

Yahne McIemore

Leland Means

Peter Meanwell

Eric Meils

Barbara and Donald Meyer

James Meyer

Jeanne Meyers

John Millard

Sana Morrow

Juliet Myers

Yvette Nachmias-Baeu

Zach Nader

Beej Nierengarten-Smith

Emily Novak

NY MoMA Contemporary Arts Council

Thomas Oden

Susan Ohori

Susan Conway and Pat Oliphant          

Cindy Miscikowski and Doug Ring

Joyce and Nicholas Pabst

Brigitte Petre

Jean Pike

Phoenix Museum of Contemporary Art

Helene Pfeffer

Randy Polumbo  

Cynthia Putnam                    

Jean Pierre Ra

Caroline Rafman

Arden Reed

James and Claire Rhotenberry 

Doug Ring              

Rhea Rothberg and Wayne Mikosz

Kristin Rowley

James Rubin

Matilda Rummage

Ramona Sakiestewa and Andy Merriell

Jason Saslow

Frederick Sawyer

Dede Schumacher

Randy Schuster

Barbara Schwartz

Catherine de Segonzac-Shainberg

Peter Selz

Jaeeun Shin

Catherine Eaton Skinner

Sandra and Jay Smith

Barbara and Woodruff Sullivan, III

Carol Squiers

Simone Swan

Anne Taylor and Joan Garner

Chris Taylor

Sarah and James Taylor

Helen Thompson

Town Art Co., Ltd., Tokyo

Storm Townsend                     

Gerald and Linda Vitamvas

Barry Vacker

Villa Arson

Michael and Louisa Von Clem

Ida Vorum

Richard Wallstein

Jill Weber

Friends of the Whitney Museum of           American Art

Jack and Jean Whelan

John Paul W Whelan

Peter Hiller and Celeste Williams

Laban Wingert and Dardo Socas           

Timothy Woolsey and James Patterson

Riken Yamamoto

Michael Zeilik

Diane Zlotnick


The Frost Foundation

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

Long Now Foundation

New Mexico Arts Division                       

McCune Charitable Foundation

Museum of New Mexico Foundation           

National Endowments for the Arts

Santa Fe Council for the Arts

Someland Foundation

Eugene V. and Clare Thaw Charitable Trust

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts


Dorothy DeChristopher

Elizabeth Ginzberg

Harry and Nancy Leippe

Astronomy Calculations:

Exact stair-to-Polaris orbit calculations: Dr, Woodruff Sullivan, Professor Emeritus, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington, and

Mallory Thorp

Aerial Survey and Topographic Map:  Thomas Mann and Associates, Albuquerque

Dates for the one degree circle of Polaris:  Leroy Doggett, Nautical Almanac Office, U. S. Naval Observatory


Ellipse: David Bassein, Mathematics Department, New York University


Hour Frame: Jonathan Plant, Hayden Planetarium

Local time conversions: Neb Duric, Astronomy Department, 

University of New Mexico


Shadow Field: Dr. Kenneth Franklin, Hayden Planetarium


Andy Oozoonian, Weidlinger Associates

Film Production:

Wendy Apple

Alan Barker

Kerry Loewen

Tom McCarthy

Katie Peters

Muse Media

Park Springs Ranch:

W. O. Culbertson

John and Jean Brittingham


Edward Ranney

Kerry Loewen

Truck Wranglers:

Bob and Norma Klein



Advanced Instruments/

    Reliable Reproductions

Cold Springs Granite/Texas Granite 

The Franken Companies                       

Golden Equipment Company

Hydro Conduit Corporation           

Martin Saw and Tool                        

Miracle Transportation Company         

Muse Media

Park Springs Ranch                       

Rust Tractor Company                        Sierra Transit Mix                           

Matheson Tri-Gas Company

W.W. Steel Company



Charles Ross, President

Loïc Malle, Vice President

Jill O’Bryan, Secretary and Treasurer


Virginia Dwan


Allan Affeldt

Jamie Clements

Cynthia Madden Leitner

Jean-Hubert Martin

James Meyer

Kathleen Peters

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